100% Secure Investment & Savings Platform

At SaveBox, you can plan, save and invest effectively and earn 20% on savings or 60% return on investment every 6 months plus other incentives from time to time.


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About Us

Savebox is a platform that helps Nigerian individuals and businesses to manage their finances properly and effectively save and invest with ease while making more money in the process.

A better way to do just about anything

In savebox, Nigerian debit card holders, local businessmen and women can save little amounts daily,weekly or monthly frequantly with almost no effort and less stress.

  • Licensed & Certified

    We are licensed and certified to manage your fincances.

  • Saving & Investments

    We offer both savings and investment plans that are very profitable.

  • 100% Secure Investments

    All investments made are fully secure and returns on investments are guaranteed.

Why Choose us

Here are a few things you stand to gain with us

Fast Profit

Make great profits and returns on investments and savings within very short periods of time.

Instant Withdraw

Easily withdraw funds gotten from investments and savings

24/7 Customer Support

Resolve issues easily with our readily available support

Our Plans

Here is a list of some of our plans



  • Minimum Savings : ₦100



  • Minimum Savings : ₦500



  • Minimum Savings : ₦5000



  • Minimam Invest : ₦50,000

How does it work

Get started in four easy steps.

Create Account

Create an account by providing the required details.


Activate your account by paying the required activation fee.

Start Investing

Open accounts and make deposits on savings or investment plans.

Get Profit

Accumulate your profit over a period and withdraw after maturity.

Our Biggest Advantage

We are Offering 100% Guarantee.

All savings and investment funds are made with a 100% return guarantee.


Fomabls Global

Creative Design

Blisse Cosmetics

Entrepreneurs Aca.

What Users Says

Thanks to Save-box, I have been able to save enough money to finance my tech project, this is a dream come true.

Austin Bishop

Save-box has helped me get out of my financial crisis through its investment platform, I'm thinking of attaining total financial freedom in the next 3months


Savebox as been a saviour to my financial needs as I can now save and invest enough money for me and my family.


I have been able to save enough money for my sons tuition fees in college, all thanks to savebox.


Frequently Asked

Here are some of the questions asked by users.

Is the registration fee a one-time payment?

Yes, the registration fee is a one-time payment per plan ie savings or investment
Withdrawal of funds is after maturity over a period of time.
Previous deposits or investment accounts acn be seen in the accounts tab of the dashboard.